How to Build a Ladder Tree Stand?

how to build a ladder tree stand

A tree stand is a great means of providing strategic angles to hunters. But the ready-made ones can be costly and short on safety features. So, if you want one, it is better to build one. But how to build a ladder tree stand with ease? 

Well, building a tree stand is nothing but arranging beams, rungs, and plywood. The measurement should be accurate to construct a stable stand. And maintaining the stand requires some guidelines, which is what I’ve listed in this article.

What Materials Do You Need for a Ladder Tree Stand?

From Home Depot, local stores, and online, you can easily get the basic materials needed to build a ladder tree stand. And the other tools are available at home mostly. All you need is –

How to Build a Ladder Tree Stand?
  • A pair of gloves to protect your hands from nails and screws.
  • Two wood beams and each one should be 20 feet in length, 4 inches wide, and two inches thick.
  • Some extra wood beams, which follow the 2×4 inches measurement and plywood that measures 55 x 46 inches.
  • Hammer, screws, nails, safety harness, and a screwdriver.

Now, you are all set to get into the process!

How to Build a Ladder Tree Stand: Step-by-Step Process

How to Build a Ladder Tree Stand?

As much as building a tree stand is easy, it requires extra care in measurements and nailing. Otherwise, the homemade tree stand plans can lead to injury. In order to prevent that, follow these steps meticulously –

Step 1: Adjust the Beams

Place the two wooden beams next to each other with a gap in between for the rings. Try to lay them on even ground and make sure the beams are almost equal in measurement. And their inches should be facing up once you lay them down. 

Step 2: Make Rings

From the extra beams, cut 14 rings that are two feet each. Lay down the rungs on the beams or the base of the ladder. The rungs should be vertically 20 inches apart from each other. Ensure to fasten them to the beams with screws and a screwdriver. 

Step 3: Pick the Tree

Choose a straight and tall tree to place the stand on. And make sure it has fewer branches so that you can climb on the stand easily. Having said that, it should have enough leaves to cover you from the animals’ sight. 

How to Build a Ladder Tree Stand?

Pick a tree 20 yards away from the habitant or hunting area and the traveling direction of the animals.

Cut two pieces of wood 2.5 feet in length from the extra beams. And with a hammer and nails, place them on two sturdy and parallel branches of the tree. The wood pieces should not fall or detach from the branch; keep this in mind. 

Step 4: Prepare the Plywood

Let’s take the plywood and place it on the wood boards by nailing it. For a better result, nail two 2×4 inch beams to the platform diagonally to the tree trunk. The extra two beams are optional but can provide better support on the platform. 

Step 5: Connect the Seat 

By placing two wood beams perpendicular to the rungs, nail the beams to the top of the ladder. And with some screws, connect the beams underneath the platform. This allows the platform to fasten it to the platform.

I’d suggest you wear a safety harness and climb to the tree stand. Afterward, make sure you get as much support as needed on the platform. If anything seems loose or not sturdy to hold the weight better, nail the beams.

Now, fasten them in order that the branches can hold you and the stand. And Voila! You have got your DIY ladder tree stand!

If you want extra support while climbing it, attach metal railings. Thus, it will give a safety feature and a homemade metal ladder stand look.

Essential Tips for Hunting and Standing on a Ladder Tree Stand

How to Build a Ladder Tree Stand?

Following some tree stand guidelines will not only save you but also will protect the stand from potential damage. So, follow these given tips –

  • While climbing the stand, do not take extra weights to prevent slipping and falling. It is better if you check how much weight the platform can hold before setting it to the tree. 
  • Try to climb up and climb down slowly so that if there are any loose parts or screws, you can inspect them. This allows for getting a better grip or support before falling. 
  • Once you lock and hit the target, slowly get down from the stand. It helps to cover you from other animals that can gather around the stand if you rush. 
  • Always carry a safety harness with you for climbing and getting down. A farm harness can aid in straightening yourself up if you lose your support. 
  • Do not harm the tree branches, trunk, or roots while setting up the stand. And look for soft branches about to fall to prevent injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How Many Tree Stands Are There?

Mainly there are three kinds of tree stands available. A ladder stand, a lock-on plan, and a climber stand are the most commonly installed ones. 

Is A Ladder Tree Stand Movable?

No, a ladder tree stand is immovable. Once you install one, it is not portable. So, you cannot carry them anywhere. 

Can You Install A Ladder Stand on Any Tree?

A ladder tree is heavy, so you need to install it with a sturdy and tall tree. Short or old trees are not ideal for setting them up. 


In order to target prey up in the sky, there is no alternative to a tree stand! And the best part is, based on your preferences, you can make one without much effort. And I hope this guide on how to build a ladder tree stand has made the whole process a piece of cake for you!

Before jumping into the steps, I’d recommend exploring the tree stand guidelines because it allows for building a stable one. Wish you good luck!

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