How To Fence Around A Tree?

How To Fence Around A Tree

It seems to be that you have got a tree on the boundary line where you want to install a fence. While installing a fence around a tree, the roots of the tree become a major problem. I can understand your feelings. You don’t want to harm the tree and want to keep the fence as stable as possible. Thankfully, I have got the solution for you.

Through this article, you are going to learn how to fence around a tree without damaging the tree.

How To Fence Around A Tree- Complete Installation Guide

Step 1: Dig Holes

First thing first, you have to start by digging a hole near the tree. Try to dig the hole as closely as possible without damaging any major roots of the tree. The hole should be at least 60 cm deep and 30 cm wide.

How To Fence Around A Tree

We need to set up at least two posts to fence around a tree. So dig another hole to a convenient distance.

Step 2: Prepare The Posts

Now, you have to put those two posts in the holes. Don’t forget to level those posts before concreting in them. Otherwise, the fence won’t be much stable. Next to that, you need to use concrete powder to fit the posts in the holes. Around one bag of concrete powder will be needed per the post. You can increase or decrease the amount as per the requirement.

How To Fence Around A Tree

Put some water in the hole and then drop concrete powder in the holes. After that, again put water in the hole and mix them together properly. You can use a bar for the mixture. Once the mixture has dried, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Cut A Concrete Gravel Board

In this step, you have to cut a concrete gravel board to attach it to the post. To do that, you need to set a piece of timber at the bottom of the post. After that, take a concrete gravel board and cut it according to the measurement of the distance from the post to the tree. Use a standard angle grinder to cut the gravel board.

How To Fence Around A Tree

Step 4: Attach Concrete Gravel Board

Have you cut off the gravel board according to the measurement? Well, check the measurement by placing the gravel board at the bottom of the post. If you find everything okay, you need to mark the position for creating holes in the gravel board so that you can attach it to the post. You can create holes in the board by using a drill machine.

How To Fence Around A Tree

To make it a bit easier, mark the board from both sides and apply a drill machine on the mark from each side. Now, it’s time to put rails on the fence.

Step 5: Fitting Rails To The Post

For this step, you will need 3 beveled rails to fit those to the post. You can attach those rails to the post yourself by using clamps. All you need to do is to position the rails using two clamps on each end of the post and apply the drill machine from the opposite side of the post.

How To Fence Around A Tree

Then, use a hammer and bolts to tighten the rails. You have to repeat the same strategy for 3 rows. One important thing to note here, there should be a minimum of 2 inches gap between the edge of those rails and the tree trunk.

It’s mandatory to keep that gap while installing a fence around a tree. Otherwise, the tree won’t be able to expand for growth if needed. As a result, the scenario might end up with a broken fence or a dead tree. Have you got the point? Well, we can move to the next step of adding a prick post.

Step 6: Attaching A Prick Post

To make the structure inflexible, you have to attach a prick post to the rails. So, take a prick post and attach it with the screws to the rails. You have to attach the prick post from the rear of the rails. To keep it tightened properly, you can use two screws per rail.  

How To Fence Around A Tree

Step 7: Attach Feather Edge Boards

We are almost there to put a fence perfectly around a tree without damaging the tree. You just need to take several feather edge boards considering the space that you need to cover. Use screws to attach feather edge boards to the rails. While positioning the last board, make sure that there is some gap for the growth of the tree.

How To Fence Around A Tree

That’s it. In that way, you can perfectly fence around a tree. As you are at the beginner’s level, I would like to inform you about 3 important things that you need to keep in mind while putting a fence around your trees. That will assist you in better fencing.   

3 Important Things To Notice While Fencing Around A Tree

  • Don’t Damage Major Roots: You should be careful while digging holes. While digging the last holes near the tree, make sure that you don’t start digging holes that interfere with any major roots.  
How To Fence Around A Tree
  • Keep Gap Between Rails And Tree Trunk: If you don’t keep any gap between rails and tree trunk, there won’t be space for the growth of the tree. As a result, it will be damaging both the tree and the fence.
  • Add A Prick Post: Sometimes people overlook the importance of adding a prick post in the fence. Without a prick post, your fence won’t be stable enough.

Final Words

At this stage, you have got the answer to your queries about how to fence around a tree. From now on, you don’t have to worry about trees while fencing anywhere.

Do you have anything else to know about installing a fence around a tree? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.


How to avoid tree roots when constructing a fence?

You need to locate the tree roots by digging a bit and then digging a hole before the major roots. put the post on that point to avoid the tree roots.

How can I attach a fence to a tree without harming the tree?

You can use multiple posts, beveled rail, Concrete gravel board, and feather edge boards to attach a fence to your tree.

How to put a fence over tree roots?

To put a fence over tree roots, you need to cut the feather edge boards according to the measurement of the roots.

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