How To Fertilize Pecan Trees

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees

In the United States, the commercial value of pecan trees is growing steadily but regularly. If you are a Dendrophile type of person, there’s a chance of making a huge profit from pecan production. But you need to be careful about fertilizing pecan trees to get the most benefit. Would you like to know about how to fertilize pecan trees?

You are going to be highly beneficial after reading this article. You are about to learn how to identify your pecan trees that need fertilizer, which type of fertilizer should you apply, and when you need to apply it. More importantly, we will inform you of the proper way to fertilize pecan trees in Alabama, Georgia, and other states of America.

How to identify which pecan trees need Fertilizer?

First of all, you have to identify the symbols that indicate your pecan trees are craving fertilizer. If you can detect it earlier, it will be easier for you to come up with the solution. However, it’s not that challenging to identify fertilizer requirements in pecan trees. 

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees

The leaves of the tree will become vainy along with getting curled. Also, you will notice empty clumps of leaves. If you find those signs on your tree, it indicates that your tree isn’t getting the nutrients that it requires. Overall, the tree will not look healthy from the outside.

At this point, you should be able to identify whether your pecan trees need fertilizer or not. The question is how to fertilize pecan trees in a proper way. Let me reveal the process.

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees?

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees

Do Soil Test

First of all, you need to perform a soil test to detect the PH level and deficiency of the soil. Considering those factors you can choose the suitable amount of fertilizer for your pecan trees.

Choose Suitable Fertilizer

The fertilizer that you are going to pick needs to have Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. If there is nitrogen deficiency in the soil, the ratio of those elements should be 12-6-6. In a balanced fertilizer, the ratio should be 10-10-10.

Apply Suitable Amount

Considering the deficiency level, you have to choose the amount of fertilizer. Also, you have to consider the age and size of the tree. On average, you can apply 400-600 pounds of mixed fertilizer per acre for mature pecan trees in a calendar year.

Applying Fertilizer On Pecan Trees

You need to apply the fertilizer from 12 to 18 inches away from the trunk. You have to apply it through the dripline. Some people make the common mistake of applying fertilizer to the tree roots. You should avoid that. While applying fertilizer on pecan trees, stay away from the trunk.  

Watering the Dripline

You need to do watering through the dripline. It will make the soil suitable to reach the fertilizer’s nutrients to the roots. At the same time, you should be careful about overwatering. It will reduce the effectiveness of the fertilizer.

Observe Regularly

Your job is not done yet. You need to keep an eye on the tree to observe any changes. If you find any signs of nutrient deficiency, you have to apply the fertilizer once again. In general, you need to apply fertilizer on pecan trees at least twice in a calendar year.

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees In Alabama?

Thinking about increasing pecan production in Alabama? You have to focus on maintaining the proper nutrients for the tree. Considering the soil quality in Alabama, you need to pick a 13-13-13 ratio fertilizer having Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in it.

Also, you have to apply Zink on the trees. You need to apply the fertilizer in a similar amount in pounds according to the age of the tree. In April, you should apply the fertilizer.

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees In Georgia?

Considering the soil quality in Georgia, you should apply a 10-10-10 ratio fertilizer having a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. The amount of fertilizer depends on the diameter and size of pecan trees.

4 pounds of fertilizer are required per inch of diameter. If the diameter size is 3 inches, you should apply nearly 12 pounds of fertilizer on the pecan trees. For newly planted trees, regular watering is essential along with the fertilizer.

That’s the actual process of fertilizing pecan trees that you should follow to keep the trees healthy. On that note, you might be wondering about how often should you apply fertilizers on your trees. Here’s your answer.

When To Fertilize Pecan Trees?

It depends on 4 major facts that how frequently you should apply fertilizer on the tree. Those facts are age, size, soil nutrients, and fertilizer. In the growing stage, you have to apply the fertilizer more frequently. To be more specific, you should apply fertilizer at nearly 5 weeks intervals.

How To Fertilize Pecan Trees

When the tree matures, you can reduce the amount of applying fertilizer on your pecan trees. For a fully mature tree, applying fertilizer once or twice a year is sufficient enough for the proper growth of the tree. According to the arborist, Early spring is the best time for applying fertilizer.

If the PH level of the soil remains within 6 to 7, you should not worry much about applying fertilizer several times. But when the PH level gets higher or lower than the standard, you have to apply it more frequently to bring it back to the standard level.

Are you applying quick-release fertilizers for your trees? Then, you have to apply it more frequently compared to the slow-release fertilizer. Always stay away from over-fertilizing. Otherwise, it will make your tree unhealthy and reduce the production of pecan trees.

Why Do Fertilizers Need For Pecan Trees?

Some specific nutrients are essential for pecan trees for proper growth and standard production of nuts. In most areas, the soil doesn’t have the nutrients that pecan trees require. If the tree doesn’t get enough nutrients, it won’t be able to grow rapidly and produce the expected amount of nutrients.

As a result, you aren’t going to get much benefit from the tree. You can prevent that nutrient deficiency by applying fertilizer on your pecan trees. It will keep the tree healthy. Eventually, you are going to be more beneficial from the tree.

Which Type Of Fertilizer To Apply On Pecan Trees?

As we have mentioned earlier, you have to choose a fertilizer that has Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium included in it. For any nut-producing trees, nitrogen is a vital nutrient to supply protein and required elements.

Secondly, Phosphorus will keep the tree roots healthy by transferring energy through the tree roots. Without healthy roots, the tree won’t be able to produce a good amount of nuts. At the same time, it will make the pecan tree trunk weaker.

Last but not the least, the proper amount of potassium is mandatory for the growth and water balance of the tree. It plays an important role in transferring the nutrients element throughout pecan trees. Therefore you should apply a fertilizer having those nutrients to keep the tree in the best shape.

Final Thoughts

Lack of nutrients restricts pecan trees from growing properly and nut production. Applying fertilizer is the best solution to this. You should follow our above-mentioned tips on how to fertilize pecan trees to keep the tree healthy and productive. It will be economically beneficial for you.

You should perform the soil test properly to choose the suitable type and amount of fertilizer for your pecan trees. Also, you should maintain the frequent timing of applying fertilizers considering the size, age of trees, and soil condition.


What spray to use on pecan trees?

You should spray fungicide and insecticide on pecan trees. If you notice yellowish leaves on your trees, you should include Zinc Sulfate with the spray.

How much fertilizer do you put around pecan trees?

For every one-foot height, you have to apply nearly 1 pound of fertilizer every year. You can also follow the quantity mentioned in the fertilizer packet.

What is the best herbicide for pecan trees?

It can vary considering weeds around the tree. Diuron is well-renowned as the best herbicide for pecan trees. It will control weeds and unwanted grasses. 

What fertilizer is best for pecan trees?

A fertilizer having a 10/10/10 ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium is ideal for pecan trees. Ammonia Sulfate could also be included with the fertilizer.

What is the best fertilizer for pecan trees in Alabama?

A fertilizer having a 13/13/13 ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium will be suitable for pecan trees in Alabama. You should also apply Zinc along with the fertilizer.

How do you increase pecan production?

Applying suitable fertilizer according to the PH level of the soil and ensuring the proper amount of Zinc can increase pecan production significantly.  

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