How to Get Rid Of Australian Pine Trees?

How to Get Rid Of Australian Pine Trees

Some pine trees are so invasive that they can grow in adverse conditions and destroy the structure around them. And this is the problem many landowners face with Australian pine. Their sewage lines and concrete surfaces form cracks due to these trees. If you are one of them, it is common to ask, How to get rid of Australian pine trees?

Removing the bark and over watering these trees are environment-friendly methods to kill them. To speed up the decomposition, you can apply herbicide. But which chemical to use and how. Stick around to know everything!

How to Get Rid Of Australian Pine Trees?

Australian pine tree roots can withstand adverse conditions and aid in tree growth. So, to kill them, you need to decompose the roots properly. And here are the methods you can try out – 

How to Get Rid Of Australian Pine Trees

Method-1: Tree Frilling 

If your Australian pine is beyond 5 years old, try tree frilling to kill it. Frilling refers to pulling off the outer layers of the bark. It blocks the flow of water and nutrients through the trunk. For better clarity, follow the steps:

  • With an ax, make several cuts around the lower base of the tree. They should be half an inch lengthy. Also, the cuts should face downwards.
  • Try to slide a knife through the cuts to loosen the bark. 
  • Then, starting from the cuts, pull the bark layers downward. 
  • Do not completely detach the bark from the trunk. Instead, keep the layers attached at the bottom. 
  • It will take 4 to 6 months for the roots and trees to die. 
  • In order to speed up the process, you can spray Triclopyr over the exposed trunk.
  • If you want, you can cover the frills or pulled bark strips with a plastic cover. 
  • Gradually, due to toxic chemicals and lack of nutrition, the tree will rot to death.

Get to learn more about the process by watching this video:

Method-2: Overwatering 

Water in excessive quantities can deteriorate your tree’s health. So, for chemical-free tree removal, overwater it with these steps:

  • Around the Australian pine block, the water-drainage system with mulch or bricks. 
  • Dig the topsoil around the trunk. 
  • Water the foliage and the ground around the tree thrice per day. 
  • If possible, dig a trench around the trunk and expose the roots as much as possible. 
  • Pour hot water over the roots.

Note that excessive water will flood the air pockets of the soil. As a result, the tree will not be able to receive oxygen. Overwatering also blocks the air circulation and proper flow of nutrients which in turn kills the tree. 

Method-3: Injecting 

Injecting herbicide helps the chemicals to penetrate the tree faster. So, it rots the tree quicker than other methods. If you do not have many native plants around the pine tree, go for the following steps:

How to Get Rid Of Australian Pine Trees

Step 1: Preparation 

Buy some injecting tubes from the local nursery or horticulture stores. It is better if you get the licensed ones. Then, take two bottles of Triclopyr and Glyphosate

How to Get Rid Of Australian Pine Trees

In order to prevent the chemicals from contaminating the ground, cover the soil and other plants with plastic wrap. 

Step 2: Dig the Soil 

Take a handaxe and remove the soil around the trunk of the Australian pine. It will expose the surface roots. Try to detangle the roots gently using your hand. 

Step 3: Drill the Trunk and Roots

Place a drill at a downward angle against the trunk. Make a half–inch drills or holes in a circle in the lower trunk. Note that there should be an inch gap between each drill. Also, drill the exposed roots. Avoid drilling them too deep. 

Step 4: Inject Chemicals

Fill the injecting tubes with glyphosate and triclopyr individually. Then, insert the tubes into the holes you have drilled.

In 48 hours, the tree will absorb the chemicals and show signs of decay. Their leaves will wilt, and the roots will rot. 

Method-4: Girdling 

Girdling is similar to frilling. But in this method, you need to completely remove the bark. And the rest of the steps are mentioned below:

  • Using an ax, make a cut around the circumference of the tree. 
  • One inch below the first cut, create another slit around the trunk.
  • Remove or peel off the bark layers that are in–between the cuts.
  • Scrape off the wood between the two cuts with a knife.
  • Within a few months, the tree will decompose. 

Why Are Australian Pines Bad?

There are no beneficial Australian pine wood uses for landowners. Still, if you are confused about whether to kill an Australian pine or not, remember that they not only grow aggressively but also damage the ecosystem! And here is the destruction they cause in detail:

1. Disrupts Wildlife 

As these tree species grow in density, they block sunlight and rain. Hence, the nearby wildlife plants die.

Also, these clustered trees grow shallow roots, and the roots destroy many breeding sites of wildlife animals. Consequently, it risks the exotic animals going extinct.

2. Soil Erosion 

The Australian pine roots do not let other soil-enriching plants grow. Even if other deep-rooted vegetation grows, the pine roots leach or drain the food or nutrients stored in the soil. 

Slowly, it disrupts the soil structure. It leads to soil erosion. So, if pine trees grow near beaches and water bodies, they pose a threat of flood due to soil erosion. 


If the Australian pine tree is within your property line, you can contact tree removal specialists to cut down the tree. But if you are on the lookout for how to get rid of Australian pine trees without cutting them down, I’d highly suggest overwatering them.

Because it makes the tree susceptible to fungal attacks and disease that kills the tree. However, if you are into tree removal chemicals, no need to drip them over other plants. Or else their growth will stop. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Are Australian pine leaves poisonous?

They are not poisonous, but they have allelopathic properties. These substances damage the soil structure once the leaves fall on the ground.  And they block other plants from growing in the soil.

What is the best herbicide to kill Australian pine?

Using any growth regulators in excessive amounts kills the trees faster. But Glyphosate is best among all of them as it does not need to penetrate the roots to rot the tree.

Does Australian pine provide shelter to other animals?

As the trees block sunlight, animals do not make their habitat under the Australian pine. Also, their leaves fall and make litter around that prevents wildlife creatures from taking shelter.  

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