How To Grow Pata De Vaca Tree: Proven Methods and Expert Advice for Successful Cultivation

How To Grow Pata De Vaca Tree

Pata De Vaca, also known as the Bauhinia plant, is quite well-known for its beauty and fragrance. Most people want to grow at least one Pata De Vaca plant in their yard. But they fail due to a lack of proper procedure, and the plant dies quickly. So, how to grow a Pata De Vaca tree?

It would be best if you took the tip cuttings of a Pata de Vaca tree first. And make sure you eliminate the lower or older leaves from the bottom. Prepare the pot with enough nutrients and water. Plant the cuttings and keep them under regular check. You must consider location, irrigation, substrate, planting time, and rusticity during the plantation.

Bauhinia trees are not tough to maintain. You don’t need to water them every day unless it’s summer.

Why Grow Pata De Vaca Tree?

You may find nearly zero percent of people who don’t like to grow beautiful flowers. And when it comes to producing lovely flowers, orchids are at the top of the list. Pata De Vaca, or Bauhinia, is a kind of orchid that makes beautiful flowers.

First, tree plantations maintain and enhance the biodiversity at your home. It will provide several nutritious sources within an area. The Pata De Vaca also increases the survival chances of animals, which positively affects bees and other species.

A Bauhinia tree produces highly fragmental resins, known as “holy wood” or “palo santo”. It’s been used for spiritual cleansing and natural healing for decades. The wood also has antibacterial effects that can reduce inflammation and ward off evil spirits.

It will lead to overall good health. The aroma is calming, which can relieve anxiety and stress.

Facts You Should Care For While Growing A Pata De Vaca Tree

A Pata De Vaca tree can grow up to 12 meters with a broad crown full of beautiful and aromatic flowers. To grow a Bauhinia tree in your yard, you need to consider a few facts related to the growth rate.

Substrate Or Soil

A Bauhinia tree can grow on any type of soil if the area has a sound sewer system.

But when growing them in a pot, you must use 30% perlite mixed with a universal substrate. That’s because garden soil contains various seeds that can germinate quickly.


Proper location is quite essential if you want to grow a Bauhinia tree. It can grow in full sun, semi-shade, or outside. Its roots are not invasive.

However, it would help if you placed it at least 4-5 feet away from your walls. If not, the roots can grow over the walls, making a barrier for other leaves or flowers.


A Bauhinia tree has the fastest growth rate from spring to late summer. It needs the full support of manure, earthworm humus, or organic fertilizer during the growing season. If you are using a pot, make sure you use liquid fertilizer for better solubility of food.


Irrigation is another crucial fact in growing a Pata De Vaca, and it should be your regular habit. However, it would be best if you avoided waterlogging. It must be frequent.

You must water the plants in summer every 2 or 3 days a week. For the rest of the year, get them water once a week, depending on your area’s climate.

Planting Time

When you think of planting a Bauhinia tree, you must choose a proper time. That’s because a cozy environment helps them to survive and grow faster.

Spring is the best planting time for Pata De Vaca because the frost risk won’t be available then. But don’t keep it in the pot for too long, or you will see roots coming out.


A Bauhinia plant can survive up to -7 degrees Celsius. Some species of Bauhinia can even survive below the range. So, it depends on the types or species.


Bauhinia can multiply faster within a few conditions. For example, you must boil the seeds first and then keep them in water at room temperature for 24 hours. And it should be done before you sow the seeds. On top of that, you need to put the seeds in the pots first to increase the survival rate of the Bauhinia seeds.

Process To Grow A Pata De Vaca Tree

Orchid plants like Pata De Vaca have a strong survival record. Therefore, you need to take care of some seeds and small plants. And then they will grow faster within no time. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 01: Take The Tip Cuttings

The best way to grow a Pata De Vaca tree is to cut a tip from an actively growing branch from an orchid tree. Make sure it’s a softwood tip and still green.

The tip cutting must be at least 4 to 5-inch-long, and the thickness should be as a pencil.

Step 02: Eliminate The Lower Leaves

After that, remove the lower leaves from each tip cutting. Make a root hormone solution and dip the cutting base into it.

It will hasten the root development and protect the little tip from fungal attacks.

Step 03: Pots Preparation

Preparing the pots is the most crucial part of planting the Bauhinia trees. Get one-half peat most, and the other half washed sand or perlite in a clean bucket.

Mix them gently and adequately water them. Make sure no air pockets are left.

Step 04: Plant The Cuttings

Now it’s time to plant the cuttings. Put an individual cutting and insert them in each hole. Then move the pot to a warm area where sunlight can reach easily.

Step 05: Root Check

Lastly, check for the roots after 3 or 4 weeks. Give one cutting a gentle pull to fit the roots. Don’t use much force if it resists.

Final Words

Bauhinia plants are a beauty and enhance the natural vibe of your yard. It may take 2 to 16 weeks to grow in the pot. But with the proper care and sunlight, it can survive in any condition.

Hopefully, the discussion on how to grow the Pata De Vaca tree has covered the procedure you are looking for. A beautiful aroma will start filling your yard as it develops fully. So, why wait? Get a Pata De Vaca and plant it today!

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