How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree?

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

Pindo palm trees grown in the wrong or congested places can do harm to the yards and surrounding. And probably that is why you want to keep it from growing. For that, you will need to kill the plant or its growth cells. So, how to kill a Pindo palm tree?

Removing the bark and cambium of the tree will kill the tree in a year. Hammering in copper nails and applying bleach also works the same. And to speed up the process, I will lay down the easiest method right here.

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree Naturally

Killing a palm tree is easier than you think. But if you have concerns to keep its surrounding vegetation safe, follow these chemical-free steps –

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

Step 1: Girdling or Ring Barking

Ring barking is removing the bark and cambium from the palm tree’s lower trunk level in a circle. Without these barks, conductive cells cannot transfer nutrients to each branch of the palm. As a result, the growth cells die, and eventually, the plant decays. 

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

In order to go about this method, make a cut in the trunk using a chainsaw. Keep a three inch gap across it and create another cut in a ring shape.

From the first cut, peel off the layers of bark towards the other cut with a chisel. Or pound an ax in downward strokes to remove the barks. Watch the tutorial for better clarity –

Note that spring or summer is the ideal time to girdle pindo palms, as they are most vulnerable during these periods. This takes almost a year to kill the plant, and speed up the process by spraying herbicide in the ring.

Step 2: Insert Copper Nails

Oxidized copper nails work best to block growth in smaller Pindo palms. So, with a hammer, insert the nails in the trunk in a circle with a half-inch gap between them. The deeper they go, the more effective they will be in killing the tree cells. Here is a video to go along the step:

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

In about a few weeks, the palm tree will start decaying. However, the nails do not kill the larger trees. Here is a demo picture to help you nail the copper –

Step 3: Apply Bleach

Bleech deprives palm trees of nutrients. And therefore, the growth stops. In order to apply it, find out from where the branch fronds develop and expose the stump there with a chainsaw.

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

Or you can drill holes in the base trunk and fill up the holes and paint the stump with bleach. Gradually, the cells will absorb the mix and kill the branches first.

To kill the roots, you will need to expose them and paint bleach on them. Then keep watering the area to speed up the decay process. 

How to Kill Pindo Palm Trees with Chemicals

Though natural methods are the safest for the nearby vegetation, they are the slowest to kill a Pindo palm tree. So, to quickly get rid of the plant, follow these given steps:

1. Inject Herbicide 

You will find herbicide chemicals online easily, choose the one meant to kill a palm tree. The best palm tree stump killers are Tordon and Roundup. Prepare the solution as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, and insert it into a syringe. 

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

Now make drills in the trunk and push the syringe into the holes. And keep the tube inserted until the vascular system soaks up the mix in a few hours. Remove the syringe, once it drains. Due to the injected chemicals, the palm tree poisons the cells. In a few days, it dies. 

2. Spray the Foliage 

The Pindo palm trees absorb solution the quickest through the fronds and foliage. So, with a spray applicator, apply the standard foliar herbicide to the leaves and fronds.

How to Kill a Pindo Palm Tree

Make sure to spray on a clear summer day. Otherwise, the rain will clean off the solution, and the wind will dry the mix before the tree absorbs it. Leave the tree sprayed for a few days. This way, it will start losing its vigor, color, and strength.


Pindo palm trees can grow much taller if they get proper nutrients. And maintaining a taller tree is quite a hassle, especially if there are other plants nearby. The best solution is to get rid of it. So if you ask, “How to kill a Pindo palm tree,” there are natural methods and herbicides like Tordon to do so.

Note that before killing a palm tree, research its removal laws online. Thus, it will save you from potential penalties and hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How to Remove a Dead Palm Tree Trunk and Stump?

Once you kill the tree, go through the local laws for removing the palm stump. Then, call professionals to dispose of the stump as per laws without damaging the surrounding. 

Can You Kill Pindo Palm with Soil Treatment? 

Yes. If you spray herbicide around the tree and exposed roots, it will kill the plant. This is because the chemicals alter the pH level that blocks growth cells.

Can You Kill Palm Trees With Epsom Salt?

No, you must not apply any salt solution to kill palm trees, as salt works as a nutrient to promote palm tree growth. 


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