How to Kill a Tree Guard?

How to Kill a Tree Guard

Whether you are a newbie or an expert “Don’t Starve” player, the tree guard can quite challenge your skills. Why? Because it has high damage resistance and health. So, you are not the only one to wonder how to kill a tree guard. 

The easiest way is to hit and run away from the guard to drain its health. Other mobs can also strike and kill it. In case you do not know when to go for which tactic, I will help you out with detailed tips through this post.

How to Kill A Tree Guard Don’t Starve Together?

Tree guards or monsters can be pretty much a hassle to get rid of. Because their health is high and they can withstand many strikes. So, to kill it, you must follow these tactful steps –

Step 1: Dodge and Strike

How to Kill a Tree Guard

It is a slow process to kill the tree guard but is effective when you have no heavy weapons. So, hit the tree guard once or twice and run away from it.

How to Kill a Tree Guard

While the guard is chasing you, plant pinecones you have gathered after chopping down the trees around the tree monster.

Watch it to lead the path –

The pinecones will keep it idle for a little while. Take the chance and strike it 2 to 3 times while dodging its attack, then run away. Keep repeating this step until the health of the monster drains, and it dies and drops living logs.

Note that this step works well with the Woodie Beaver character accessed through experience. And it will drop your character’s sanity as well.

Step 2: Let the Hostile Creatures Attack

How to Kill a Tree Guard

After hitting the tree monster once, lead it to hostile creatures such as rooks, tentacles, and pigs. Or you can guide the pigs to the guard and let them hit it. They will follow hit-and-dodge tactics to drop the health of the monster. 

How to Kill a Tree Guard

In order to clarify further doubt, here is a tutorial:  

Step 3: Use a Campfire

If there are flaming trees or a campfire around the guard, hit it and lead it near the fire. And keep it running or walking around the campfire until it starts burning.

Once it catches fire, guide it to inflammable objects so that the entire forest does not burn. In case you wish to use the living logs, do not imply this combat method. This is because the fire turns the logs into ashes. 

Tips to Follow While Combating a Tree Guard

Don’t starve tree monsters are themselves quite tricky to handle. But following these tips can pacify or speed up the killing process. So these are as follows:

  • Avoid luring the tall guards to the fire if you are low on sanity. Because tall ones can withstand the most amount of damage. And their health level is the strongest of all. 
  • Once the guard chases you several times, it pacifies itself and starts walking randomly without hitting your character. Take the opportunity to strike it continuously and drain its energy.
  • Due to the buggy update, eating a cooked mandrake while hitting and dodging the guard will wake up your character with a pacified, non–aggressive tree monster.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can You Kill A Big Tree Guard Easily?

If you are running the older version, the bug turns a big guard medium-sized once you leave the game. So, take the time to quickly drop its energy. 

Why Does the Tree Guard Not Pacify Itself Even After Planting Pine Cones?

Once you plant pine cones, the tree monster growls and eventually calms down. But if the cones are not close enough, they will not pacify it.

Should You Kill the Tree Guards That Are Asleep?

No, asleep guards do not necessarily cause any trouble. But keep other mobs and pigs from attacking those guards. Otherwise, they will be aggressive. 


Tree guards can considerably drain your character’s sanity if you do not tactfully combat them. And at a point, it can affect your interest in playing the game any further. I hope this detailed guide on how to kill a tree guard can make the combat a piece of cake for you!

On a friendly note, avoid chopping down trees if there is a neutral guard within 20 units. Otherwise, the nonaggressive ones will start attacking you. 

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