How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings?

How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

As much as maple trees look beautiful in the yard, their seeds can annoy the owners! Because those seeds grow into seedlings and make debris everywhere. And maintaining such a yard is time-consuming. So, before it takes over your yards, let’s teach you how to kill maple tree seedlings.

Through frequent lawn maintenance, it is easy to kill new and small-sized seedlings. Pulling out them with roots also decomposes them. It is crucial to understand when to apply which method. So, tag along as I unravel!

Step by Step Process on How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

Maple tree seeds can make a mess in your lawn once they start growing into seedlings. And they also compete with other vegetation for nutrients.

So, to keep your yard healthy and clean, you must kill them. And here is what to do to kill the growing maple trees from seed:

Step 1: Mow lawn

If the seedlings or sprouts have grown in the grass, mow the lawn frequently. It will weaken the roots and kill them. However, if you have other plants in the yard, do not mawn too often.

How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

Step 2: Pull Out the Seedlings

With your hand, pull out the young seedlings. For that, try to loosen up the soil around them. And expose the seedlings as much as possible. Then, pull out the young plants from their stem. Later dispose of them.

How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

If the seedlings have matured enough, you cannot pull the roots with bare hands. You will need a shovel to dig them out.

Step 3: Use Herbicides

Matured silver maple seedlings are quite hard to kill naturally. So, you need to use chemicals for them. And Tordon or glyphosate-based herbicide-that is what kills silver maple trees.  

How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

Cover nearby vegetation with a tarp or plastic. Then, dig some holes around the maple seedlings. And pour the herbicide into the holes. If possible, expose the roots and spray them with the solution. Make sure to apply the herbicide on a clear day so that rain cannot wash away the substance.

Let the solution penetrate the roots. In a week or so, the seedlings and their roots will decompose. Then, pull them out and discard them. These roots can no longer grow into seedlings.

Step 4: Use Rock Salt or Epsom

If you do not plan to grow any plants in the recent period, then toxify the soil. For that, use 1005 Epsom or rock salt to cover the bed around the seedlings. You can remove some soil around and add salt as well.

How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

Then, cover the soil with mulch and a tarp. If possible, water the soil with hot water. And re-add the salt every two weeks. Within a month, the seedlings will die.

What Are the Best Herbicides to Kill Maple Seedlings?

Killing young maple seedlings does not require strong herbicides. A few drops of Roundup every week can effectively kill them.

However, if they are growing for some time on the lawn, the glyphosate-based herbicide is a must to get rid of them. Also, triclopyrs can decompose them pretty well.

Why Should You Get Rid of Maple Tree Seedlings?

Maple tree seedlings can easily grow into mature trees even if you do not nurture them. And in case, you do not have the space to keep them with other vegetation, you should get rid of them. Or else, due to their presence, the nearby plants will not be able to grow.

How to Kill Maple Tree Seedlings

Also, the seedlings compete with the lawn grass for nutrients. As a result, the vegetation starves and shows symptoms of decay. And you will end up having an unhealthy colorless lawn. So, if you want to keep the lawn grass greener, you must kill the maple seedlings.

Some types of maple trees and seeds are harmful to pets. If you have pets, do not let them roam around the maple seedlings before you dispose of the maple seedling roots.

Also, trimming off the young maple plants is not enough to control their growth. It is better to kill them with the roots to prevent any sprouts from growing.

Maple tree roots can take over the sewer lines and other properties around them. To control their invasive root growth, you shall remove them while they are young. Because felling a mature tree is a hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

How do the maple seedlings grow even if there is no mature maple tree around?

Maple trees produce tons of seeds each year. Moreover, they are so lightweight that wind can carry them anywhere. So, due to such carried seeds, maple seedlings grow in the lawn.

Is it safe to use herbicide to kill maple seedlings?

If you do not let the solution roll over other plants, the herbicide is safe to use. However, if used in large quantities, they can poison the soil.

How many days does it take to kill maple tree seedlings?

Indeed, it shall take one or two weeks to kill the seedlings with herbicide. And if you burn them, they die in a day.


Before you ask how to kill maple tree seedlings, you should note down why they grow in your yards. Find out whether they grow from seeds or young sprouts already matured in the ground. 

And if they are newly grown, try out the natural methods to decompose them. But if they are a few months old, there is no alternative to the herbicide. I’d recommend avoiding burning them down. Because it can damage the soil moisture and nutrients required for other plants. 

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