How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots?

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots

Sissoo roots keep spreading far from their stump in search of moisture and nutrients. And these growing roots can break your sidewalks, pavements, or any physical structure nearby. To prevent that, you need to block their growth by killing them. But how to kill sissoo tree roots?

Applying store-bought herbicides to the stump holes can kill the roots in a month. Also, there are home ingredients like vinegar and baking soda to damage them on contact. Today, I will break down both chemical and non-chemical-based root-killing processes, considering the yard vegetation.

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots: Step-by-Step Instructions

Killing the Sissoos’ tree roots requires proper drill measurement and solution application technique. And to make this process a success, follow these tips-full steps –

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots

Step 1: Remove the Tree and Drill Holes

Wear safety gloves, mask, and google, and with chainsaw diagonal cuts, remove the tree and cut close the stumps. Ensure to make the cuts as close to the ground level.

Then, outside the edge of the stump, drill holes that are 4 to 6 inches deeper and at least 2 inches wider. They should not be too deep into the soil. 

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots

It is better to drill on top of the stump in the outer sapwood ring. Other areas have less conductive tissue which cannot absorb and spread the solution for root kill. Watch the video for clarity on the drills:

Step 2: Apply the Root Killing Solution

Apply the herbicide meant for Sissoo tree root removal into the holes. And let the tissue transport the solution to the roots and sprouts. So, avoid digging out the stump a few days after spraying the solution. 

Step 3: Treat the Sissoo Tree Sprouts Around

Some sprouts grow too far from the stump that the solution hardly transfers to them. In that case, spot those sprouts and dig a larger surface around them to chase and expose roots near or under them.

Then, spray the herbicide on the greens and expose the Sissoo roots. In a month or so, it will weaken and kill the root growth. Avoid pulling out the little sprouts otherwise, the conduction process will hamper. 

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots

Step 4: Remove the Stump

If there is no new sprout around the stump or nearby, it means that the herbicide has started working. It may take 30 to 45 days to kill the roots. So, once you see dead sprouts, remove the stump. 

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots

And due to the successful absorption, the roots will not spread anymore. However, if lifting the stump seems troublesome, you can skip that too. In case you want to get rid of it, this video might be helpful:

How To Kill Sissoo Tree Roots Without Herbicide?

Herbicides can be harsh on your yard and young plants or grass. So, if you want to avoid using it, fortunately, there are other ingredients to kill Sissoo roots. All you have to do is be cautious and follow the guidelines below –

How to Kill Sissoo Tree Roots

1. Use Bleach

Bleach works as a repel against tree root growth. Having said that, it takes multiple applications before it weakens the stump and roots. To imply this method, go through these short steps:

  • Drill holes on the stump and dig around the stump and roots. 
  • Once you expose the roots, spray bleach and paint them with the solution. Also, apply on the stump holes.
  • Spray bleach multiple times after each absorption. And soon, it will block the root and sprout growth.

2. Apply White Vinegar

Due to the high acidity level in the white vinegar, it kills the roots on contact. In order to use it, all you need to do is:

  • Spot the sprouts and roots far away from the Sissoo stump. Remove soil around them and try to drill holes in the roots.
  • Spray non-diluted white vinegar into the drills and sprouts and let them absorb the solution. You can apply it on stump holes too.
  • In a few days, the roots will weaken, and the satellite sprouts will die.

3. Kill Roots with Epsom Salt

Without enough nutrients and moisture, Sissoo roots cannot grow. And Epsom salt can deprive them of water. Therefore, the roots will decay. So, follow the given steps:

  • Dig 3 to 4 inches deeper holes around the roots and pour the Epsom salt into them so that there is little to no gap.
  • Add water into the holes but make sure the water will not overflow. Otherwise, the mix can harm the nearby plants. 
  • Repeat the process thrice or a fourth a month. Gradually, it will prevent the roots from spreading further.

4. Get Root Killer

Sometimes, the Sissoo tree damages the sewer lines and septic tanks with growing roots. And to clear them off the roots, root killer is the most effective solution so far. Here is what you need to do:

  • Buy root killer online or make your own at home by mixing baking soda, vinegar, salt, and boiling water.
  • After mixing the ingredients, flush them down the lowest toilet of the home to fill the pipes with the mix.
  • Then, the salt will reach the blocking roots and start damaging them. However, it will take multiple applications. 
  • Note that using these methods, cut down the sissoo tree removal cost. But they are time-consuming. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is It Safe to Kill Sissoo Roots Around Other Plants?

Yes, as long as you do not use harsh chemicals that can affect the growth of nearby vegetation, you are good to go. Also, the solution hardly transfers to surrounding plants. 

Which Vinegar Is Best to Kill Sissoo Roots?

Indeed, white vinegar is ideal in terms of weakening any tree root, including Sissoo. This is because its acidity is higher than the other vinegar, which burns out the roots.

Can You Apply Solution on Sissoo Leaves to Kill the Roots?

It depends on the solution you use. White vinegar sprayed on leaves easily conducts the solution to the roots and kills them. 


Roots start thriving and growing once they get proper nutrients. And soon, this fast spread can damage your entire lawn with sprouts and roots, especially if they are not maintained. The effective way is to kill the root, but you asked how to kill sissoo tree roots. That’s what I tried to answer right here with the necessary details!

I’d personally recommend collecting state-licensed spray applicators for the process, as it prevents potential damage to the lawn.

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