How To Tell If Pine Tree Is Dead?

How To Tell If Pine Tree Is Dead

When a pine tree dies, it can be risky for nearby houses and structures. Also, a dead pine tree is not good for outdoor beauty. Therefore, you should remove a dead pine tree from your yard as soon as possible. The question is, how to tell if a pine tree is dead?

If you are unaware of the signs of dead pine trees, it could be damaging to your property and structure. Thankfully, you don’t have to get worried about that. Through this article, you are going to know about 6 signs that will tell if a pine tree is dead or dying.

How To Tell If Pine Tree Is Dead- 6 Major Signs

1. Discoloration Of needles

This is one of the most common signs of a dead pine tree. When you notice the color of the pine needles isn’t evergreen, it indicates that the pine tree is dead.

In most cases, this is the primary symptom of a dead pine tree. After a pine tree dies, its needles turn brown or dark brown. However, you have to consider checking some other factors too to be sure about whether your pine tree is alive or not.

2. Dead Branches

A dead branch is a common exhibitor that indicates that a pine tree is dead. This is not only an indicator for a pine tree but also for other trees. There will be no green buds in a dead pine tree.

For example, a pine tree blossoms new leaves in the spring. But if the tree is dead, it will remain bare without any leaves.  

3. Pine Tree Leaning To A Certain Direction

Some dendrophiles often ask how to tell if a pine tree is dying. If your pine tree is leaning in a certain direction, it indicates that your pine tree is dying. Though it doesn’t mean that the tree is completely dead, it’s too challenging to recover a pine tree to a normal stage.

Have you just seen this type of symptom on your tree? Unfortunately, you have to prepare yourself to remove the tree from your yard.

4. Fracture In The Pine Tree Trunk

When a tree is dead, its effects reflect in the entire tree gradually. If a pine tree is dead, the tree trunk won’t get any needed supplies. As a result, there will be fractures in the tree trunk.

So, it indicates that your pine tree isn’t in a healthy position and you should remove the tree. Although, you can’t make the ultimate call just by seeing this sign.

5. Bark Get Removed From The Trunk Notably

You can inspect the bark of your tree to decide whether your tree is dead or not. In a dead pine tree, the bark automatically gets removed from the pine tree trunk. Alongside, you will find the surface of the bark dry while inspecting a dead pine tree.

The color will be changed to dark brown also. This is a major sign to tell a pine tree is dead.

6. Fungus In The Tree Trunk And Branches

When something starts to get rotten, the fungus starts to take its place. The same thing happens when a tree dies. After a certain period of time, the fungus starts to grow in the tree trunk and branches. That’s a clear indicator that the pine tree is dead. At that point, it can be assured that the tree is not alive anymore. It also indicates that the tree has already started to rot.

On that note, it can create damage to your nearby structure anytime. When you notice such fungus-type things on your pine trees, you should take immediate action to remove the tree as soon as possible.

Are you wondering if there are any signs that indicate that your pine tree is sick or dying? Thankfully, yes, we have got some reasons to tell if a pine tree is sick or dying. After knowing those reasons, you at least get a last chance to recover your tree. Here you go.

How To Tell If A Pine Tree Sick or Dying?

Dropping Excessive Needles: You can judge the condition of a tree by inspecting its needles or leaves. A sick or dying pine tree loses needles excessively. If you notice that your pine tree is losing needs excessively, you should take the necessary steps to recover the tree. Otherwise, it will be too late to recover.  

Pests In Pine Trees: Pests are such an enemy that can damage your pine tree within a quick time. Have you noticed pests in your trees? That’s not a good sign. If there are any holes or something like wood dust on the tree branches, it tells that your pine tree is sick or dying. As soon as you notice any pests, holes, or wood dust, you should apply suitable pesticides.

Dropping Branches: Pine trees are well known for their strong capacity of holding the weight of heavy branches. Whenever you notice excessive numbers of branches dropping without any reason, it suggests that your pine tree is sick and it needs some treatment. There can be several reasons behind that issue. The fungal attack is one of the most common reasons for dropping branch issues.

What To Do If There Is A Dead Pine Tree In Your Yard?

First of all, a dead tree can cause serious damage or even death due to falling on somebody. If the tree is near your house, it can damage your house by falling onto it. Secondly, it ruins the landscape’s beauty. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to remove the dead tree as soon as you notice it.

If you don’t know how to cut down or remove a pine tree, you should hire professionals who know about tree removal. Without having proper knowledge, you should not try to cut down the tree by yourself.

Final Words

I think now you are aware of how to tell if a pine tree is dead. It’s always dangerous to keep a dead pine tree in the yard. In the United States, falling trees are responsible for killing around 100 persons per year.

Whenever you find a dead pine tree in your yard, you should remove the tree immediately. It will keep you, your family, and your structure out of danger.  


Is a pine tree dead when it turns brown?

If a pine tree is turning brown, it indicates that the tree is sick or dying. You need to take immediate care of the tree to recover it.

How can you save a pine tree that is turning brown

You can try using a broad-spectrum fungicide that contains copper salts. Also, you need to ensure that the tree is getting water properly.

How can I save pine trees with falling needles?

You can apply neem oil on your pine trees to save them from falling needles. Also, you have to water the tree properly till it fully recovers.

What to do with a dead pine tree?

You should cut down the tree and remove it from your yard to avoid possible damages and risks.

Are dead pine trees dangerous?

Obviously, dead pine trees could be the reason for serious injury and structural damage. If there is a dead pine tree on your property, you should remove it, the sooner the better.

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