How to Write a Tree Protection Plan San Francisco California?

How to Write a Tree Protection Plan San Francisco California

If you are new to California, it is usual that you are not familiar with its tree protection laws. Even if you are, it can be a tad bit challenging to draft a proper plan that can save you from penalties due to construction work. So, how to write a tree protection plan San Francisco California?

To write a protection plan, disclosure statements, pre-meeting, ticking the checklists, and understanding the protection zone are a must. Does it seem a bit confusing? Come along, as I’ll describe the process right here!

What Is A Tree Protection Plan?

A tree protection plan is an outline that describes how to save public trees during developmental work. It is an agreement between the workers or owners and the authorities (especially the Urban Forestry team) of the city to take precautions to prevent potential damage. 

How to Write a Tree Protection Plan San Francisco California

Installing pools, building additions, paving driveways, and other landscaping projects can easily damage tree branches and trunks. If it continues, the environment will be too toxic to live in. And to prevent the scenario, an agreement or tree protection plan comes to play!

How to Write a Tree Protection Plan in San Francisco California?

Any missing information or details in the protection plan can result in disapproval of the plan. That is why you need to meticulously follow these steps to write and get it approved –

How to Write a Tree Protection Plan San Francisco California

Step 1: Prepare Public Tree Disclosure Statement 

The state of California has the legal right to know whether the construction or development activities put public trees at risk or not. So, you need to fill up a form that includes a public tree disclosure statement with the required information.

During the application process for the protection plan, you must submit the statement.

Step 2: Schedule a Meeting

If you are not familiar with tree protection laws and plans in San Francisco, contact an Urban Forestry Technician. Why?

Simply because they will schedule a pre-construction meeting to help come up with the plan. Moreover, those specialists will evaluate the site and discuss the measures required.  

Step 3: Go Through the Checklist 

Applicants must write a plan as per the requirements. Carefully go through them and checklist them as per the information you have. Note that a protection plan is incomplete without meeting the requirements!

Feel free to visit here to submit the completed checklist or ask any questions related to the plan. 

Step 4: Understand the Protection Zone

Not every tree requires an approved plan with a barrier. Therefore, understanding the tree protection zone is a must. The point to be noted – all the public trees within six meters of a construction site require a barrier. And the ideal height of the barrier should be 1.2 meters. 

You can install metal fencing or wood frames around the trees in order to protect them. I’d recommend emailing the Urban Forestry team of San Francisco before installing any frame to avoid damaging buried utilities. Attach the protection zone details to the plan. 

Step 5: Submit the Plan

Include hoarding permits in the plan. Without this engineering permission, you cannot complete the draft. Then, attach a landscape plan and site details. Now you can submit the protection plan to San Francisco Public Work online! 

Why Do I Need A Tree Protection Plan?

As per the Tree Preservation Plans, all public trees located in the city lands require an approved protection plan. It prevents the construction workers from damaging the trees and the protection zone.

How to Write a Tree Protection Plan San Francisco California

Construction and development works can damage the soil grade, roots, and trunk of the trees. And to protect the health of the plants, workers must carry out their activities under certain rules.

And deviating from the rules can lead to fines. So, to proactively save the trees and avoid fines, a protection plan is mandatory.  

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How Lengthy a Tree Protection Plan Can Be?

It depends on the type of plan you write. It can be a page-long drawing. Or it can be a few pages long with all the reports and details. 

Can You Deviate From a Tree Protection Plan?

If you need to make changes to the plan, you need to authorize it in written form. Otherwise, you need to pay penalties.

Are You Responsible for Any Damage to the Protected Trees?

Once you approve a tree protection plan, you need to abide by its rules. And in case you damage any trees in the protected zone, you are liable for it. 


The common question the San Franciscan construction site owner deals with is how to write a tree protection plan San Francisco California. Writing a plan there requires a lot of patience and attention to detail, as described above. Otherwise, the authority can disapprove of the plan. 

I’d highly recommend contacting urban forestry technicians before writing a plan. They can guide you to a perfect plan.  

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