What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Ribbons around trees have become a common sight in the city or woods. And as the blue ribbon has several significance, you will come across trees wrapped around the ribbon often. So, what does a blue ribbon around a tree mean, you wonder?

In order to raise awareness for child safety and child abuse prevention, communities often tie blue ribbons. However, it also has another significance in forestry. What’s that? Well, keep on reading to know. 

What Does A Blue Ribbon Tied Around A Tree Mean in Social Works?

Blue ribbon tied around a tree can symbolize different social causes and support. But mainly, it associates children’s safety with raising awareness against mental and physical child abuse. Even Child Welfare acknowledges the initiative. 

Especially in April activists, social workers, and commoners wrap blue ribbons on trees. Because it is the month of national child abuse awareness. It is a movement to encourage people to talk with children about abuse and prevent it.

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

The ribbon is a constant reminder of the children that need our help and support to come out of abusive traumas and experiences. Or else these can haunt them throughout their life. To learn more about it, here is a video:

What is the History of Blue Ribbon and Child Safety?

Flagging blue ribbons to help and care for children against any sort of abuse has gained national concern due to Bonnie Finney. She was the first one to wrap a blue ribbon and symbolize it for the cause. 

In 1989, she tied a blue ribbon around the antenna of her car to stand against the abuse her grandson had struggled with. She has lost her 3 years old grandson, who was a victim of constant physical abuse.

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Therefore, she wanted the communities around her to know about the cruel consequences of child abuse. And she asked them to wear the ribbons as a reminder to take care of the children. 

Years after Bonnie’s initiative, the Family and Children service has been tying up blue ribbons around public trees. They mainly do it to inform people that they can reach out to the Family and Children organization to help and recover child victims.

Feel free to watch what the director of the organization has to say about child safety reports:

Can You Make Awareness Blue Ribbon At Home to Support Child Safety?

It is not mandatory that one has to tie a blue ribbon only in April or around public trees. Any tree, such as Christmas or indoor plant, is perfect for wrapping the ribbon around.

And you can support the movement and discuss it with children on any day. For that, the best way is to make blue ribbons with them. And here are the steps to do so –

Step 1: Measure the Ribbon Fabric 

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

With a measure tap mark ½ inches width of a blue ribbon and 2.5 to 3x length of the total fabric. This is the ideal measurement for an awareness ribbon. Trace the markings and cut accordingly with scissors or craft knives.

Step 2: Fold the Ribbon

Make a loop or hole in the middle by folding one edge of the ribbon over the other end. To hold the shape, use a drop of glue on the crossed section of the two ends.

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Then, on a 2 inches wide satin ribbon, attach the awareness ribbon with craft glue or pins. If you want to make a bow from the ribbon, then follow the next steps.

Step 3: Create Loops

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Take a 1.5-yard wide and 3.5 inches lengthy satin or silk fabric. Create two loops at both ends of the ribbon. And both loop tails should overlap with each other. It means they should look like an infinity symbol or a horizontal eight. You can adjust the tail length by making the loop smaller or larger. 

Step 4: Secure the Loops

Fold the larger loops in half and place them over the crossed section of the tails. And hold their crossed section tightly in the middle with your fingers. Before securing the loops, if you want, you can adjust their sizes. Then tie string or wire around them to secure the shape.

Step 5: Glue Knots

With a small piece of spare ribbon or cloth, tie a simple knot in it. Or you can make a loop in it and attach the tails with glue. Then, place the small knot over the center of the bow and secure it with glue or string.

What Does A Blue Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

To prevent the tails from fraying or wilting, make a cut at each tail’s end at a V angle, as shown in the picture:

Last but not least, attach the bow to a fabric or wide ribbon so that you can easily wrap it around. 

What Do Blue Ribbons on Trees in Woods Mean?  

If you see blue ribbons on forest or park trees, they have different meanings from the social cause of child safety. Sometimes, land or property owners and arborists flag the tree with colored ribbons to symbolize the health of the tree, property line, and load tags. 

Similarly, blue ribbons on felled trees mean that firewoods are available to the people that come with permit tags. Also, the ribbon indicates the golf course property line if there is a golf course nearby. 


As different communities’ associate blue ribbon with several causes, it is usual to wonder what does a blue ribbon around a tree mean exactly? Well, it is a way of showing love and care for children and front-line workers such as nurses, doctors, and police. 

I’d suggest you should not tie ribbons on all regions and trees because, in some states, it might not be legal!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Is It Legal to Wrap Blue Ribbon Around Trees?

It depends on the regional laws of your locality. Sometimes in Ohio, Xenia the local community prohibits anyone from tying ribbons on trees, especially the oak tree.

2. Does Blue Ribbon on Tree Symbolizes Hope and Support?

Yes, the blue ribbon on city trees indicates support shared by a community for children and front-line workers. And they hope that they can recover the abused children’s health. 

3. Is It Safe to Tie Blue Ribbons on Plants?

Yes, it is safe to do so unless you do not secure it too tightly. Otherwise, leaving it for a prolonged period can cut into the bark.

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