What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Not only gifts, but trees also have ribbons wrapped around them, especially in the forest and construction sites. So, no wonder you will come across green ribbon-tied plants as well. But what does a green ribbon around a tree mean? 

A green ribbon on trees has social, physical, and mental significance. It mainly reminds people to be aware of different diseases. Also, these ribbons indicate tree health. For the in-depth symbolism, stick here till the end!

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

Green ribbon tied around a tree has many significances, symbols, and meaning based on the region or welfare. These meanings are subject to change. But the general purpose is to raise awareness for a specific cause. 

An oak tree wrapped in a green ribbon is a call for organ donors. It conveys that you can donate organs to save a life. And this awareness campaign also clears the misconception that signing a paper donor card is not enough to be a donor. 

One needs to register at the official or welfare websites to come forward with organ donation in trying or emergency situations.  

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

As the green symbolizes new growth and vigor, the social workers use green-colored ribbons for organ donation awareness. Because deceased or living donations can help you give new life to the sufferers. 

In general, this ribbon is a means for raising awareness and support for physical, and mental disorders of all groups of people and social causes. 

What Do Different Shades of Green Ribbon on Trees Mean?

Delivering different messages for a social or medical condition with the same green can create confusion. Thus, shades of green are used for several causes.

To exemplify, traditional green ribbons on trees create awareness for mental disorders, liver diseases, brain injuries, and other medical conditions. The social movement workers also rely on this shade to stand against genocide. 

The sea green shaded ribbon on public trees mainly raises awareness for people with speech impediments such as staring and lisping. This ribbon sends the message that these are medical conditions and should not bully people with these impediments.  

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Light and Lime shades represent awareness and support for sexually transmitted diseases and childhood mental illnesses. In many societies, children’s trauma, mood disorders, and depression are overlooked.

Therefore, lime green ribbons remind us that we should take these into account while dealing with children. Here is a short video to get more insights on awareness ribbons:

What Does Green Ribbon Awareness on Forest Trees Mean?

The social workers or sometimes the official authority of the forest department tie awareness ribbons on urban forest trees, especially dark green. The dark green ribbon means that we should work together to preserve the urban forest. 

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Many constructional works displace urban trees, which is a threat to forest sustainability. And this ribbon reminds us to carry out developmental tasks without harming the tree. 

Also, this ribbon celebrates lost forests. Mainly due to estate housing sites and construction projects, many regions have lost their forests or parks. And the wrapped ribbon conveys the message to the residents that they are living among lost green amigos. 

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Sometimes flagging the forest trees with this ribbon is a warning that the tree needs removal. Or there is a heavy beetle infestation on it. And the workers should handle projects around it carefully to keep the surrounding trees non-infected. 

What Is The Green Ribbon Story?

There is no specific story for the green ribbon. But ribbons have been a medium of awareness, love, and affection for ages.

During medieval times, knights used to receive different colored ribbons as a token of courage and affection from their loved ones. Since then, people use ribbons to convey a message. Similarly, we have different colored ribbons now to represent a variety of causes.

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

For example, pink ribbons on trees generally indicate the property lines. Also, it means you need to make a sharp turn around the lines. And likewise, blue, white, and red ribbons are common to raise support for plant-based issues, mental, and physical diseases.

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Feel free to watch it for clarity on the causes:

How To Tell Which Green Ribbon Conveys Which Message?

What Does A Green Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

As green ribbons vary in terms of purpose, it can get overwhelming to perceive the meaning of each one. For that, you can follow the given tips –

  • Try to figure out the area the ribbon-wrapped trees are at. If it is a construction or property site, the ribbon indicates the tree health and property lines respectively.
  • Look for a note or sign around the ribbon. Often social workers leave notes for the cause the ribbon stands for.
  • Last but not least, contact social welfare or if possible to know the exact purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

What Does the Green Ribbon Mean For Cancer?

The green ribbon is not mainly used for cancer awareness. But some tie green-colored ribbons to support cancer patients and manifest their well-being.  

What Do Orange Ribbons on Trees Mean?

An orange ribbon-wrapped tree means the tree requires removal due to its damage. And the authority has permitted us to cut the tree.

Can You Make A Green Ribbon At Home for the Tree?

Yes, you can take satin clothes and cut them into strips. Then crossing the two edges on one another and attaching a safety pin will do the work.

Is Green Ribbon Around A Tree Universal Symbol for Mental Health?

Green colors signify awareness for mental health worldwide. But green ribbons have different meanings based on the region and cause. 


If you live in urban forestry areas or around social welfare, you are more likely to see trees with green ribbons. So, you may ask, “What does a green ribbon around a tree mean?” They encourage people to be a donor and empathetic toward mentally ill patients. 

Here is a suggestion – Contact the forestry department before starting work around a ribbon-wrapped tree. It will save you from hassles. 

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