What Does A White Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

What Does A White Ribbon Around A Tree Mean

Sometimes, you are likely to see or come across trees wrapped with ribbons, especially in forest zones and parks. And I guess the most common color of the ribbon is white. But what does a white ribbon around a tree mean?

A white ribbon signifies the growing condition of the tree and its health state. According to that, workers can carry out projects with or around it. But these colors can change as per their causes. Read on to avoid confusing the meaning of other colored ribbons with white. 

What Does A White Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

Flagging a tree or tying up colored ribbons around a tree provides vital information about the tree’s health and the site around it. Sometimes painting or marking the trees with colors is not an option.

In such cases, authority ties ribbons around the plants, especially while carrying out projects on a site, such as identifying weeds and locating certain trees.

What Does A White Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

The white ribbon is the indicator that the tree requires more space to grow. It helps the public or private site owners plan their construction in a way that will not block the plants’ growth. 

Also, if a tree is beyond repair, arborists and the Natural Resource department recommend putting up a white ribbon on it. It signals the site planners to remove the tree or deal with construction work around it. 

Tree flagging colors vary according to the purpose they serve. While searching for white ribbons on trees means that you are likely to find photos of trees with several colored ribbons too. 

So, let’s find out more about them to differentiate what the white color serves compared to others. 

What Do Colored Ribbons Around Tree Mean?

Other than white ribbons, the basic ribbons found on tree sites are red, blue, and green. The red ribbon around the tree meanings is not multifaceted, unlike the other ones. 

What Does A White Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?

Natural resource or forest department mostly in the USA knots a red ribbon to signal the special projects they are handling in the area. Sometimes it indicates Ponderosa seedling projects in different locations. Also, this is a symbol of showing unity for a country. 

Now, what does a blue ribbon around a tree mean? First, it conveys the availability of firewood on that site to the visitors with a firewood load permit. And if you come across this flagging around a golf site, it notes the golf property line. In some countries, the blue flag is tied to raise awareness against child abuse.

The green ring or ribbon is a warning sign that the tree is infested with pine beetles. It helps to protect the other healthy trees around it. Also, it is a signal to remove the tree to promote forest health. 

How to Make Your Own Ribbon At Home?

In case you need to tie a white ribbon, you do not have to rush to the store to get one. You can make your DIY ribbon with the guidelines below –

What Does A White Ribbon Around A Tree Mean?
  • Take a satin ribbon, and with scissors, cut a 15cm strip from it.
  • Fold the ribbon in a way that both ends of the strip face down and remain crossed with a loop.
  • Wear safety gloves and then, to stabilize the loop, apply a hot glue dot on the overlapped middle of the two ends. 
  • Let the glue dry. The dot will seem dry to the touch in a few minutes but do not touch it until an hour or so. 
  • Once the glue dries, apply another dot on the back of the loop and attach a cut-out flower or artificial flower to it. 
  • Voila! You are all set to put it on trees with glue or threads. 

If possible, give this video a watch to get a practical view of it:

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is A White Ribbon Mandatory to Wrap Around Trees for Projects?

It depends on the property you are working at. In some countries, it is a must to mark the public trees with ribbons and paints for better project planning. 

Can You Paint the Tree Instead of Attaching A Ribbon?

Yes, you can mark the trees with spray paint. And sometimes, people use tapes to mark the plants that suffer from several diseases. 

Does White Ribbon Around A Tree Have Social Significance?

Sometimes, social welfare organizations wrap white ribbons around a tree to raise awareness for lung cancer. It encourages people to take precautions against it. 


If you have never seen a white ribbon tied around a tree, you are less likely to know its significance. And to avoid damage to the tree and its surrounding, it is better to get familiar with its meaning. So, what does a white ribbon around a tree mean? It basically means the tree needs removal or space to grow!

Before you carry out any project, contact the local arborist team. Only they can guide you with your work around such trees. 

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