What Is A Tree Spade?

What Is A Tree Spade

You’re sitting in your rocking chair on a hot sunny day but can’t enjoy the weather due to the large pine tree in front of your yard? This is where the tree spade enters the scene. This is an incredible machine to solve this uncanny problem. But what is a tree spade?

Tree spades are machines used to relocate or transplant huge plants. You can replant a tree near your yard, pool, or wherever you want. In this way, a tree spade helps preserve a tree’s life and the animals depending on it. Tree spades vary according to blade type. You can use any blade depending on soil condition.

However, you should avoid using this machine if you lack knowledge and experience. When you take care of this machine, it lasts longer and helps you to preserve nature for a long time.

What Does A Tree Spade Do?

A tree spade is a wonder of science, keeping a large tree intact and helping it to continue providing humanity with oxygen throughout its life. It can quickly replant a mature tree from one place to your desired location in minimum time.

What Is A Tree Spade

A tree spade uses blades to transplant a large tree from one place to another. Generally, it is used to relocate mature trees to a suitable location. You can quickly replant a tree of 10-inch diameter measured by a caliper.

A typical tree spade has four arms. These arms surround the tree while transplanting it to another place. The components go deep around the tree to take a portion of the earth around it. After this process, it’s pretty simple to relocate the tree.

Types Of Tree Spade Blades

When someone tells you they understand tree spades well, they’re talking about the blade types. Generally, tree spades vary according to the blade types. Knowing your blade type, you can quickly relocate the large-old tree to your desired spot.

Here are the tree spade blade types you should be aware of.


You can cover a lot of ground and different types of soil with cone blades. Cone blades help to dig holes in the sand and rocky soils too. If you want to transplant a sand-based tree, tree spades with cone blades are the best choice.

This blade has a steep angle which creates narrow holes keeping the roots intact. If you’re running a nursery, cone-blade tree spades will accelerate your overall nursery progress.

What Is A Tree Spade


Sometimes it’s tough to relocate a large tree from clay, especially from heavy soils. In this scenario, you can rely on truncated blades without any hesitation. This wide blade can cover enough ground while uprooting a tree. It also keeps a packed shape while keeping the roots unharmed.

What Is A Tree Spade

The truncated blade has a 22-degree angle. So, if you’re working in a dense area with many trees, choose truncated blades in your tree spades.


You can use half-moon blades in unique and complex cases. Avoid using half-moon blades if you don’t have enough experience with this blade. It uses vibrations to create holes to replant the tree. However, it’s tough to dig holes in sand using half-moon blades.

You must always maintain a vertical position to support the hole’s depth. Using a half-moon blade in rocky soils is also quite challenging. Rocky grounds are more likely to damage the edge since it uses vibrations to dig holes.

What Is A Tree Spade

Benefits Of Using Tree Spades

Using tree spades to transplant large trees in another place benefits to nature and the contractor. If you’re thinking of why you should use a tree spade, knowing the advantages eases the situation.

 Spades can dig deeper and more quickly than a man. It saves a lot of time while transplanting a tree.

You can relocate an old tree safely to another place. In this way, a tree spade helps to continue the tree’s legacy.

Tree spades help you to arrange a tree with some functionality in a fixed spot. For example, you can put a large tree near your pool. The tree will work as a natural shade while you’re spending quality time with your friends and family.

These machines hardly hamper a tree’s roots. On the other hand, relocating a tree manually might need some root and branch sorting.

What Is A Tree Spade

Pro Tips To Use A Tree Spade For A Long Time

You can use a tree spider for an extended period when you take care of them. You might think using it is to keep it shiny. But you don’t have to do that if you follow these pro tips while using your tree spades for heavy work.

What Is A Tree Spade
  • Scrutinize the hydraulics and electrical parts before using the tree spade for heavy lifting.
  • Wash the spade, especially the blades, after using it. If you’ve used the tree spades in clay-like soil, wash it before the clay dries up.
  • Always keep the blade clean and shiny for optimum performance. Sharp edges smoothly cut the root, while rough edges significantly damage the roots.
  • Keep the fittings tight and lubricate the hydraulics properly while relocating a tree. You should take a quick look at the bolts and the wires before you adjust them.
  • It would be best if you researched the tree properly to use the ideal tree spade for relocation. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the tree and the spade simultaneously.

Final Words

Don’t try to use tree spades for fun. You might end up harming the tree and your neighborhood if you lack experience. Try to avoid relocating trees if it’s not an emergency.

Hopefully, the analysis of what a tree spade is has provided you with enough information. We hope you’ll follow the pro tips while using your tree spade to keep it in service for a long time. You should dig a hole of enough depth. Otherwise, the tree might die in a short time. Don’t forget to use different blades according to the soil type.

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