What Is A Tree [Definition, Parts, & Importance]

What Is A Tree

Based on recent studies, approximately 3.04 trillion trees are available on the entire planet! Such plants are not only helpful for the environment, rather, they produce the most important thing that we all living beings require to live – “Oxygen!” 

In today’s write-up, I would like to share what is a tree? In the easiest words possible, including its importance, parts, and the best way to take care of it. So let’s get into the details!

Definition of A Tree

What Is A Tree

In simple terms, trees are considered any plants consisting of leaves, trunks, and elongated stems. Depending on the type, each tree has its own unique characteristics, including size, shape, color, and lifespan.

Underneath the surface of the ground, a tree contains a specific root system to store essential nutrients and water to grow in a gradual way. Unlike other plants, trees are known to be “perennial,” which is why almost every tree can live at least two years.

What Are the Importance of Trees?

In terms of improving the living quality of the human being, a tree can play a significant role, especially in urban areas. Some noticeable importance of having more trees in the environment are as follows:

  • Research proves that a tree can significantly increase the overall air quality by removing smoke, fumes, and dust from the surroundings.
  • From the air, a tree can eliminate carbon dioxide and is prone to release the necessary oxygen needed. Thus, it reduces the effect of “greenhouse” that is unsafe for the environment.
What Is A Tree

By planting more trees, you can enjoy having fresh air, and natural shade that is helpful, especially during the summer.

  • Last but not least, more trees mean more oxygen, which can serve every living being to live a healthy life!

What Are the Different Parts of a Tree?

What Is A Tree

As I said before, a standard tree contains a number of different parts, including leaves, trunks, barks, branches, roots, and so forth! Plus, depending on the type of tree, it will ultimately grow flowers or fruits. Each part of a tree is prone to grow gradually, and it takes time to achieve a mature form.

If you prefer watching a basic tutorial on the different parts of a tree, here is a quick video:

How to Take Care of a Tree?

Just like other plants, every tree needs to be treated with proper care. If not, they will start getting weaker day by day and eventually will die. So these are the basic tips for you to take better care of a tree:

What Is A Tree
  • Water the tree, especially in the summer, considering the proper amount.
  • If possible, prune your trees once a year by eliminating dead branches and twigs.
  • You must apply tree insecticide after a certain period of time to get rid of pests.
  • Do not forget to eliminate competing plants for optimal growth.
  • If possible, take the necessary support from an arborist, especially if you are a tree enthusiast. They will walk you through the most effective tips to keep trees healthy and disease-free!


The answer to “What is a tree” is not unknown to most. That said, I tried to explain in the most-simplest way so that you can quickly get a view of its basics. Feel free to share the definition with your younger, and do not forget to teach them the way of taking better care of a tree. 

Depending on the type, the tree-caring process can be slightly different. But as I have shared the basic way, I guess you can keep your trees healthy and active following the above tips. 

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