What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree?

What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree

After Rite Aid decided to sell some of its stores, most of its Hickory tree businesses remained vacant. But recently, some businesses have replaced them. So, what is replacing rite aid on hickory tree? In short, Walgreens has replaced most of the stores on Hickory Tree.

After Walgreens came knocking to acquire the Hickory Tree Rite Aid stores, many other companies followed them. But why all these acquisitions and replacements? Let’s get to know in detail.  

What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree?

Replacing Rite Aid in Hickory Tree means that some businesses and companies have replaced or acquired the Rite Aid vacant stores located on Hickory Tree. Why and how did that happen, you ask? Let me take you through the history then. 

What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree

Rite Aid has been one of the leading drugstores in the USA. It has many stores across the country, including the Hickory Tree in North Carolina. But unfortunately, in 2018, Rite Aid decided to sell most of the stores to some of its competitors. 

What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree

Competitors like Walgreens and many other retail companies took the opportunity to acquire the Rite Aid business. Walgreen is the leading company that acquired most of the stores of Rite Aid. And now Rite Aid is the tenant of their own stores. 

What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree

However, even after they have sold many of their stores, many Rite Aid drugstores are vacant. Up until 2020, the Hickory Tree-based store was not owned by any leading companies. 

Then, in 2020 Walgreens replaced several stores of Rite Aid on Hickory Tree. And they are planning to replace some more of the drugstores. Also, discount retailer Target has acquired the vacant Rite Aid stores on Hickory Tree.  Here is a short clip to understand the scenario:

It is a smart move for Rite Aid to sell its stores. Because it has now helped the business to gain more popularity through its acquirers.

Did Walgreens Buy Out the Rite Aid on Hickory Tree?

Basically, Walgreens didn’t purchase Rite Aid. Instead, Walgreens has bought or replaced more than 2000 Rite Aid stores. And as they have acquired many Rite Aid stores, Walgreens has the right to rebrand Rite Aid. 

What Is Replacing Rite Aid on Hickory Tree

As per the acquisition deal, Walgreens planned to close some of the stores of Rite Aid’s drugstore chain. And Rite Aid wanted to be independent without merging their business with Walgreens or other companies.

Therefore, Rite Aid pharmacy staff remains the same even after some businesses replaced these stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Which famous companies replaced Rite Aid on Hickory Tree?

After Walgreens replaced the Rite Aid stores on Hickory Tree, many other leading companies followed Walgreens. So currently, Target, Dollar General, and Aldi moved into some Hickory Tree stores. 

What is the reason behind deciding to sell Rite Aid stores?

Reportedly, Rite Aid was struggling to compete with its contemporary drugstore chains. And Rite Aid wanted to save their business through the acquisition deal with leading drugstore Walgreens. 

For what reason Rite Aid has brought a new logo?

Rite Aid did not change its logo due to the acquisition deal with Walgreens. Instead, they wanted to attract new customers and growth in business with the new logo. 


Walgreens is the answer to the query regarding what is replacing Rite Aid on hickory tree. But other companies did replace some Rite Aid stores too. Still, Walgreens remains the leading acquirer. Because it owns almost the maximum share of the Rite Aid business.  

Due to the deal, many assume that Rite Aid and Walgreens are the same company. But indeed, they are just partners and independent companies. I’d suggest exploring the business magazines to know more about it. 

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