What Is the Saddest Tree?

What Is the Saddest Tree

As plants are living beings, we often attribute human emotions to trees. But do trees actually have feelings? If they do, have you ever wondered what is the saddest tree? Well, the saddest of them all is the “Ténéré Tree.” 

Trees do not express their sadness in the same way humans do. Their vibration and physical condition determine that they are sad. So, what criteria makes Ténéré the saddest? Let’s know these fascinating facts right here!

What Is the Saddest Tree?

The saddest tree is L’Arbre du Ténéré, which used to stand, still isolated in the Saharan desert, Northern Niger. According to Forest Scientist Peter Whollenben, the saddest trees are the most isolated ones. As per his criteria, the Ténéré is the saddest tree as it has no trees 250 miles around it.

What Is the Saddest Tree

It is alone in the desert without being able to share its root system with other trees. Due to isolation, it cannot communicate with other trees through its roots.

What Is the Saddest Tree

Also, its root system needs to reach up to 100 feet below the soil to reach the water. What a stressful job it is to be able to collect moisture from deep soil structures to thrive. And the worst part is lack of water causes stress in the tree. 

When trees are stressed, they scream, as per recent studies. Here is what the scientists say about it:

Isolation and stress make trees the saddest, as per Forest Scientists. And apart from Ténéré, no other tree is as isolated and sad.

What Is the Condition Of The Saddest Tree Now?

The saddest tree Ténéré is no longer alive. Yes, unfortunately, it is the truth. However, you can get a glimpse of the tree at the national museum in Niamey, Niger. The museum authority has tried to keep its history alive by storing it in the museum. 

What Is the Saddest Tree

I know for a fact that many would assume the tree is dead due to age and stress. But, no, that is not the case. In reality, a Libyan truck driver collided with the tree.

What Is the Saddest Tree

Due to the crash, its branches and root systems were damaged. And in the desert, it is difficult to restore a tree’s vigor. So, gradually, the tree died. It was not only the saddest in terms of isolation, but also the way it died, is saddening. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

What makes the tree saddest?

Lack of nutrients, sun, and water makes most trees sad. Also, if trees cannot communicate and connect with other vegetation, they tend to be sad.  

Is it possible to keep trees happy?

Yes, it is possible to keep trees happy. You can plant vegetation nearby that does not actively compete for nutrients. Also, regular maintenance takes away their root-stress.

When did the saddest tree Ténéré die?

In 1973 Ténéré tree died. Reportedly, a military truck hit it accidentally and broke its trunk. And the damaged trunk affected the roots to rot and die.


Once you know “what is the saddest tree,” it is usual to be curious about whether there are any saddest trees, especially after the death of Ténéré. Indeed, there are sad trees due to extreme weather conditions and lack of nutrients. But that does not make them the saddest ones!

Why? Because they are not the most isolated trees, unlike Ténéré. So if you never want to make your trees sad, do not forget to maintain them on a regular basis.  

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