What Is The Scariest Tree? Unveiling Nature’s Terrifying Wonders

What Is The Scariest Tree

Trees are considered beautiful creature that is like a blessing to the Earth. If I ask you to think about a tree, you may think about a tree’s majestic look with its modest nature. But trees can be scary sometimes. Yes, you have read it right. 

Some scary trees make people afraid of their appearance. That sounds very odd but that’s true. Would you like to know more about that? Through this article, you will learn about what is the scariest tree. We are going to reveal 13 of the scariest trees in the world. 

Let’s jump on the list. 

13 Of The Scariest Tree On Earth

1. The Angel Oak

What Is The Scariest Tree

The Angel Oak is a massive live oak tree located in South Carolina, USA. The tree’s gnarled branches create a spooky canopy. Alongside this, the twisted trunk makes it scarier. That’s perfect for ghost stories. In fact, the tree is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former slave. When it comes to the scariest tree, it certainly is a strong contender. 

2. The Black Dragon

What Is The Scariest Tree

The Black Dragon is a Japanese cedar tree. That’s over 2,000 years old. Giant-looking gnarled trunks of the tree make it look like something out of a horror movie. There’s a saying about the tree that the tree was used to hang criminals during the Edo period. Its ominous appearance makes it a strong contender for the title of “What is the scariest tree”. 

3. The Naga Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

The Naga Tree is a banyan tree located in Thailand. The appearance of tree looks like a writhing snake. Overall, it looks too frightening. Some local people believe the tree is home to spirits. The tree’s association with supernatural things certainly adds to one of the creepiest trees on earth.  

4. The Tree of the Dead

What Is The Scariest Tree

It sounds haunted by its name itself. The Tree of the Dead is a Mexican cypress tree. It’s located in the Day of the Dead cemetery in Oaxaca. This tree is covered with colorful ribbons and offerings. It seems like something out of a Tim Burton movie. The frightening look of the tree makes it look haunted. 

5. The Boab Prison Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

Can you imagine a tree that was used as a prison? Yes, we are talking about the Boab Prison Tree. This is a massive tree located in Western Australia. The tree was used as a prison for indigenous Australians during the colonial period. It has got a thick trunk to make it look like something paranormal. As the tree is connected with the dark period in Australia’s history, it deserves to be on the list of the world’s scariest trees. 

6. The Dark Hedges

What Is The Scariest Tree

Are you a fan of “Game of Thrones?” Then, the location of the tree might be familiar to you. The Dark Hedges is a row of beech trees in Northern Ireland that have grown to form a tunnel-like canopy. This location has been used as a filming location for the TV show “Game of Thrones.” Particularly, the tree looks very scary at night. 

7. The Dragon’s Blood Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

The Dragon’s Blood Tree is a species of tree found on the island of Socotra. It is situated on the coast of Yemen. The tree’s unique shape gives it a creepy look. Moreover, it has been associated with some mythical creatures. It looks like an umbrella from a long distance. 

8. The Teahupo’o Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

Now, we are going to talk about a tree that has survived a disaster in Tahiti. The Teahupo’o Tree is a tree that was left standing after a massive storm in Tahiti. It has got massive twisted roots to give it a haunting appearance. Nowadays, It has become a popular spot for photographers.

9. The Baobab Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

This tree is also known as the “Tree of Life”. This is an ancient tree that is found in parts of Africa and Australia. Its thick, twisted trunk and strange shape make it look like a ghost tree. Some African cultures believe that the tree is associated with spirits. Some local people believe that it has healing properties. 

10. The Suicide Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

Have you heard of the suicide tree? It is also known as the Cerbera Odollam. This is a poisonous tree that grows in India and Southeast Asia. Its fruit contains a deadly toxin that has been used to commit suicide. That’s the reason why it has got an ominous name. The tree’s dark history makes it a contestant for one of the scariest trees on Earth.

11. The Manchineel Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

The Manchineel Tree is a species of tree found in parts of Central and South America. The tree’s fruit contains a toxic substance that can cause severe skin irritation. It can even cause blindness. The deadly properties and haunted look are a perfect combination to consider it a scary tree. 

12. The Witches’ Tree

What Is The Scariest Tree

Isn’t its name sufficient enough to define its haunted characteristic? The Witches’ Tree is also popular as the “Major Oak”. It is a large ancient oak tree located in Sherwood Forest, England. It is connected with the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. Therefore, it has got a supernatural reputation.

13. The Cedar of Lebanon

What Is The Scariest Tree

The Cedar of Lebanon is a species of tree that is native to the Middle East. Its gnarled branches with an eerie appearance can make anyone feel afraid. It has been associated with myths throughout history. In fact, the tree is mentioned in the Bible. The tree has been used as a symbol of strength. 

Final Words 

Now, you’re aware of 13 of the scariest trees on earth. At this stage, you might have started to believe that trees can be scary too. However, a scary tree doesn’t mean that it will be harmful to humans and animals.

But we can’t deny that these trees can give us goosebumps. What’s the scariest tree according to your opinion? You can share your thoughts with us.  


Are there any poisonous trees that are considered scary?

Yes, several trees contain toxins that can be harmful. The Manchineel tree and the Suicide tree are two prime examples of it. 

Are all scary trees found in forest areas?

Not necessarily! Some scary trees can be found in more urban or suburban environments. You can find the Witches’ Tree in Sherwood Forest. 

Do scary trees have any cultural or spiritual significance?

Yes, in many cultures and religions, certain trees are associated with supernatural powers. For example, the Baobab tree is considered sacred by many African communities.

Can a tree’s age contribute to its scariness?

Very old Trees can take on an eerie characteristic. Along with age tree gets bigger in shape. Eventually, some trees start to look scary due to their shape and size. 

Do all scary trees look creepy or gnarled?

Some scary trees can look perfectly ordinary. A dark history or connection with paranormal activities makes them unsettling.

Are there any scary trees that are native to North America?

Yes, Devil’s Walkingstick is a scary tree that is native to North America. 

Can scary trees be harmful to the environment or wildlife?

Not necessarily, many scary trees are harmless. There are lots of scary trees that don’t make any damage to the environment or wildlife. 

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