When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree?

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

A lemon tree consisting of a bunch of yellowish lemons not only looks attractive but also gives you an indication that it is time to pick them up. Considering this, the most common question arises, “When do lemons turn yellow on tree?

Summer is the right time for lemon trees to deliver ripe lemons. Some lemon trees take 9-10 months, while others may require a total of 18 months to serve yellow lemons. It also depends on the type, weather conditions, and so on, which I’ll disclose right here through this write-up.  

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree?

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

Initially, lemons tend to stay green on the tree before they turn ripe. And you cannot expect them to turn yellowish within 3 to 5 months or so! This is because, after the blossom, lemons are prone to take a complete 9-10 months or even longer to get into the yellow form.

In some cases, you can also find them getting ripe or yellowish after 18 months. And that mostly depends on the lemon tree type, including the weather condition, climate, and so forth.

Now may you ask, “What gives the indication of turning yellow from green?” Well, it means that lemons have become consumable for everyone!

Possible Reasons Why Green Lemons Are Failing to Turn Yellow

Basically, a few reasons are involved in not letting the lemons turn yellow on trees. Here, I have listed the most common reasons you need to note down to overcome those situations once and for all. And these are given below:

1. Lack of Sunlight

Indeed, a citrus tree needs adequate amounts of sunlight on a daily basis, and this is applicable to the lemon tree too. Even after waiting for the required time, especially after passing the harvesting time, if you still notice the lemons are not turning yellow, it is probably because of inadequate sunlight.

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

So, avoid those spots consisting of too many shades. Instead, pick up a location where the lemon trees can get around 8-10 hours of daily sunlight.

2. Poor Nutrients

For better development, lemon plants need essential amounts of nutrients. So fertilizing them is crucial to converting them into the mature form within a required time limit. Or else, lemons will stay green and immature, even after waiting for 8-18 months at a stretch!

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

Alongside it, well-fertile soil is equally important for the better growth of the lemon tree. Pay attention to the soil type as it impacts the overall production of the citrus or lemon.

The given video will guide you through some tricks on growing more lemons in a pot:

3. Improper Watering

Note that lemon trees are unable to withstand drought at all. As a result, if you even mistakenly keep your lemon tree without water for long, there is a high chance that you cannot achieve yellow lemon on the tree.

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

On top of that, even if you get some pieces of yellow lemon, they will probably be juiceless and dry. So remember that every citrus fruit plant requires plenty of water on a regular basis.

Considering the tree’s condition, type, and weather, feel free to take experts’ suggestions about the watering requirements. And you also should stay away from overwatering your lemon tree to prevent future inconveniences.

4. Disease and Pest

Bud mites, aphids, and soft brown scales are some of the common pests of lemon trees. Moreover, a bacteria named “Xanthomonas Axonopodis” can cause severe disease to your lemon, which is citrus canker. These are liable to affect the growth of lemon to not turn it yellow on a tree. 

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

No matter what, you must be aware of applying a certain amount of insecticide to get rid of pests and diseases. Otherwise, wishing for ripe yellow lemons from sick trees will be nothing but a pipe dream!

Feel free to watch this video to learn the best way of controlling diseases and pests:

5. Too Young Lemon Tree

When Do Lemons Turn Yellow on Tree

Even after overcoming all the situations and complications mentioned above, are you still noticing the lemon is not turning yellow? If so, then rest assured that you are expecting too early for the yellow lemons on a tree! Being too young, it cannot deliver mature lemons before getting big enough.

In that case, you may have to wait for up to 4 years, or sometimes more, to get ripe juicy lemons!

2 Essential Tips for Picking Yellow Lemons

Here are some quick tips you can follow to pick up yellow lemons in the best way possible –

  • While picking lemons from the tree, chances are there will be both unripe (green) and ripe (yellow) lemons at the same time. Be aware of picking the ripe one so that others can get time to be fully mature.
  • Sometimes, you can also pick up a green lemon from the tree, even if it has not turned fully yellow. And that should be done when the size reaches in 2 inches approximately.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can you use artificial lights on lemon trees?

If you have planted lemon trees on the spot where essential sunlight cannot reach, it is sometimes okay to use LED grow lights. But they might be expensive!

In which month lemon grows better?

Warmer months are considered the ideal season for lemons to grow better. Because they get all the essential nutrients and sunlight at that time.

How should a mature lemon be?

In a nutshell, a well-ripped mature lemon can have glossy, bright skin. Furthermore, you will find it relatively heavier in your hands.


There is no specific time limit on when do lemons turn yellow on tree. Depending on the type of lemon tree, soil fertility, care, and overall weather conditions, the duration of achieving yellow lemons will vary. 

But generally, you can expect them to be yellowish after constantly waiting for 9 to 10 months. Sometimes, it might be necessary for some lemon plants to take 18 months to serve you well-ripen lemons. 

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